5 Ways to avoid Procrastination

Asalama Alaykum Guys. We all have this problem, it might be more problematic for some than others but at least everyone has experienced it, so I thought I might give you tips on how combat it and this might work for you or it might not, you just have to test it. So here we…



Escape from Today!

How many times did you hear this from Tv or online advertisement “Escape to Bahamas” or “Escape To Hawaii” notice the word “ESCAPE”, when does someone “escapes” from something? Its only when someone is in prison and they want to get freedom. Most Americans fall for the “escape” commercial because the life they are leading…



10 Thing REAL MEN Do!

Al-Khattab ibn Muallah al-Makhzumi rahimahullah’s great advice to his son: “O my son, be conscious of Allah and be in his obedience. Stay away from His prohibitions by following the Sunnah and the milestones (on this path) until your faults are rectified and coolness is brought to your eyes. Truly, nothing is hidden to Allah….



Seeking Risq with Dignity

The world is not the ideal place to live in because for many people, they are living in the brink of famine and starvation but you will find people in that situation and they still choose to live in simple dignified life rather than asking or begging people who themselves don’t have much to offer….




A Japanese proverb says “Dust, when accumulated, becomes a mountain”, meaning When you do small actions over long period of time, They can have enormous impact in you. Da’wah is life long processes, as long as you are alive, You are doing Da’wah whether you want to do it or not. Micro Da’wah means the…


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