Total Solar Eclipse – Display The Power of Allah! VIDEO

I took this short video from a new documentary from NASA called “The Secret with in the Sun” which exams the changes happening to the sun and the powerful solar storms its emitting. This excerpt will talk about the total solar eclipse phenomenal which boggled the minds of the scientists. As a Muslim, We believe…



If Muhammad (pbuh) was here today! IMPORTANT VIDEO

Sometimes it’s good just to take it back to the basics. How did the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) preach Islam? There is no doubt that mercy and compassion were two of his greatest tools to spread Islam. In this conversation with Hamza Tzortzis we talk about the mercy Muhammad (pbuh) had for the people around him,…



Gaza Game Plan – 5 Effective Ways To Help Gaza!

1. Make Du’a. Make dua because Allah may accept your dua and our brothers and sisters will not live in such life. Prophet Nuh (as) made only one dua which destroyed all his enemies. 2. Give Sadaqah Palestine emergency appeal: http://goo.gl/45qDAt Gaza emergency appeal: http://goo.gl/ULImXM 3. Boycott their products. 4. Use the social media to…



Top 8 Lessons We can Learn from The Hijrah – Islamic New Year!

The beginning of a new Hijri year is a prime occasion to ponder the lessons to be learnt from the migration. The day of the Prophet’s migration was so significant that it was chosen to mark the first day in the Islamic calendar. This day took precedence over other great days in the history of…



Number of Rohingya Fleeing Myanmar Tops 100,000 – This is happening NOW!

A growing sense of desperation is fueling a mass exodus of Rohingya Muslims from western Myanmar, with the number who have fled by boat since communal violence broke out two years ago now topping 100,000, a leading expert said Saturday. Chris Lewa, director of the nonprofit advocacy group Arakan Project, said there has been a…



Da’wah is Hard? Nope, Watch These Videos!

Most of us assume Da’wah is for people with a lot of knowledge and time but that is far from the truth, Da’wah is upon every Muslim wherever they are. We have here 6 part training video of how to give Da’wah from the point of view of Convert (Abdulraheem Green).