The Quran and the T.V. Guide

They lay on the table side by side

The Holy Quran and the T.V. Guide.

One is well worn and cherished with pride.

Not the Quran, but the T.V. Guide.


A Sleepless Night

A British Man Finds Faith After Doubt

I was raised as an Anglican (Church of England), the youngest (by one hour – I have a twin brother) of eight children. My father died when I was about 10 years old.

I attended Sunday School, was confirmed, sang in the choir, would have been an altar boy but National Service intervened, went to Youth Fellowship classes.


Accepting Allah in Our Lives

  Have you ever fallen in love… with your Creator? What does it do to you? How does loving God affect your heart, your soul, your life? Free your heart and fill it with the love of God.