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You know, the world today is pretty much crazy, its so crazy that everyone lost interest in looking at the news anymore. You Know what always comes up on the news, that there was suicide bomb or bomb blast on somewhere in muslim country. Subhna Allah, What is going on here, I don’t believe any…



Worker’s Rights in Islam

 Worker's Rights in Islam

 Long before unions were established to protect workers rights, Islam acknowledged a whole set of rights for workers 1,400 years ago.


Islam praised the notion of work, and stressed that the one who works to sustain his living is more pious than the worshiper who worships day and night and who has the ability to work but relies on others for his sustenance. The truest example of this concept is the fact that all God's prophets worked to sustain themselves.


It was part of Prophet Muhammad's teachings to encourage work and assure basic rights for all categories of workers whether employees or day laborers. Workers should be treated with dignity and honor regardless of the kind of work they are performing, as long as this work is lawful.       


Islam acknowledged natural rights for workers as citizens in the community and passed many regulations that allowed social equality and the possibility of a decent life for them and their families.


Greatness of Allah

Greatness of Allah
The following speech was given by a scholar last week. Here is the summary:

The Shaikh said that our actions are based on how much belief we have in our hearts. If our belief is strong, then our actions will be strong. Then he mentioned that every effort has a name, a place where it is done and a result. For example, Farming is a name of an effort. Farming is done on land and the result is fruits, vegetables, etc. Similarly, Da'wah il-Allah (calling people towards Allah) is a name of an effort. It is done on the hearts of people and the result is guidence (Hidaya) from Allah.



Watch about Islam around the world

Asalama Alaykum wr wb Everyone. I would like to share with my brothers and Sisters this website which is pretty exciting, the sites name is IslamBox. Islam Box is the new and exciting way to watch Islamic Television without purchasing and installing big satellites. Islam Box uses your existing broadband connection to connect to Islamic…


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Pray as you saw Me Pray

I would like to share with everyone this video, it is really good for people who want to learn about Salah or Prayer. We all know how to pray but is it totally correct what would you do in certein conditions such as when you are sick or in travel. This video shows very clearly how to pray, it also high-lights things which we think is OK to do, but are not, you will find it interesting, just CLICK HERE TO WATCH



Mawlid – Learn All About It

 Salaam to all Muslim and hello to non muslims

As most of you know that many people are going to celebrate the birth of Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) and most of these people are not aware of what they are doing, because their parents have raised them up by believing this action. But the wise person will seek guidance and ask evidence from the quran and the ahadith to figure out of what he/she is doing is right in islamic prospective…

here is ruling that was given by shiekh. Dr. Saalih ibn Fawzaan al-Fawzaan, a great scholar in madinah…