The world is changing!

Asalama Alaykum everyone. As you all know, all over the muslim world, there are different protests that are taking place. These protests aren’t normal ones, they are aimed to take down the leaders who ruled these countries for decades, and when I say decades, I mean 30 to 40 years! What all muslims were waiting…


Why I Created This Blog?

Asalama Alaykum Muslims and Hi to Non Muslim. Many people asked me why I started this page or blog and why did I call it “Change114″. There are few reasons, but mostly it was out of love to sharing knowledge and information with the rest of the community or humanity. A while back, I made…


10 things muslims took for granted!

1. Putting your forehead on the ground for Allah Prayer is in the center of the devout muslim’s heart, it powers him and gives him the energy to keep moving forward. It’s the connection between his soul and Allah (swt). Many people are badly in need of the Muslim prayer today, that’s only if they…


A Glimpse of the Life of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)

This is a powerful soul session by Muhammad Alshareef covering stories from the Mekkan period of the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In this emotional talk, Muhammad al-Shareef speaks about the trials and hardships of the worlds most influential person, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).