The Masjid is not a marketplace!

It’s allowed for a Muslim to make permissible business without any interest or cheating, but lately, you will see people coming to the place of worship (Masjid) and negotiating with deals and having discussions about worldly issues. This is not allowed in Islam, the place of worship is only for, well, Worship.

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Which Language does Your Masjid Speak?

In this video I want everyone to comment and tell me what they think of their masjid and the way it deals with people who don’t speak or understand the language which the masjid speaks most of the time. Do they translate? or Do they teach others Arabic so they can understand the lectures and…


Irony Of The Disbeliever!

Asalama Alaykum Brothers and Sisters in Islam and Hi to non Muslims. Consider this short story of mine. It was Wednesday afternoon, the sky was clear, the weather wasn’t too cold but it was little chilly. I had english class that day, I was actually late from it because of errands I was running for…