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How the Qur’an Differs From the Bible

How the Qur'an Differs From the Bible

 It is a common allegation by Christians that the Qur'an is a mere copy of the Bible; that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) simply plagiarized "his" book from the pages of the Bible.

It is true that Prophet Muhammad received the Qur'an AFTER the Bible came into existence; and it is also true that the books of the Bible and the Qur'an cover much common ground. But the conclusion of the Christian critics that the Prophet had studied the Bible with a view to copying its verses in order to somehow fabricate the Qur'an is absurd and untenable for the reasons discussed below.


Proof from Science

Proof From Science

Let us first begin by admitting that we are not gods nor do we possess all knowledge. It is also necessary to remove from our minds and hearts any prejudices and prior notions of how everything came into being and how it is being sustained and perpetuated. This is the critical first step to gaining any true knowledge and establishing facts based on proof.



What Do You Call Success?

What Do You Call Success?

 "That man is really successful." We usually say this to mean that he has a lot of money or a big car or house. We do not usually call a boy in the street cleaning shoes successful, do we? We do not usually say that someone living in a tiny flat in London has made a great success of his life. We measure success by how many exams we pass or by the kind of university degree we take or by the job we get. Success, according to this scale, means the clothes we wear and the car we drive. Having more and more things, we are judged to be a success. Using this as our standard, though, is settling for second best. As Muslims, we need to step back from this relentless pursuit of having more, rather than being better. How do we really measure success? Is it by the job we have or the trainers we wear? Is it by the latest CD player or the most fashionable pair of jeans? It is the custom in the West that whenever a funeral takes place, someone usually stands up and says "a few words" about the person who has died. With the coffin in full view of everyone, a speech is often given. At these speeches, though, no one says how many pairs of shoes the man had when he was alive. No one mentions how many holidays he took in a year. No one mentions his job or his car or what he achieved as a businessman. What is usually said is that he was a good husband and father, or that he was loyal to his friends and honest at work. In other words, in death we instinctively know what is important. And it isn't new trainers!


Where did everything come from? – BigBang?

What is the proof?

Islam tells us Allah both The Creator & The Evolver, of all that exits. We know Allah did not evolve us from monkeys, and we know all things are from Allah. Please share this information with those who deny the existence of God. They need it.

There is a popular theory referred to as the 'Big Bang' theory. It tries to explain the existence of the universe in an evolutionary manner having an initial beginning with an immense explosion of some gases or solid mass. Some say there first was a void or a 'nothingness', or perhaps, some gases which exploded then from this everything in the universe simply began to evolve to the stage that we see now. There has never really been any solid evidence for this idea of 'something out of nothing' concept. Nor for that matter, the evolutionary theory itself.

We would like to explore the idea of creation from a purely logical standpoint using simple terminology without religious hype, emotional pre-convictions or superstitions.

What if someone called a 'scientist' tells you his 'theory' of how cars are made is like this:

A salvage yard on the south side of town blows up and all the metal pieces fly into the air and fall back down in one place forming a brand new Chevrolet Caprice automobile.. with no left over parts.. and the motor is running..

Or what if his theory for how a chair is made is:

An explosion occurs in a forest and the trees go flying into the air and then suddenly they combine with some flying cloth to make a beautiful chair… and then it lands in a furniture showroom complete with matching table and lamp…

He further explains that:

An earthquake in California's 'Silicon Valley' causes the computer chips and circuit boards and other various parts to fall out of their boxes and off of their shelves and just come in place together as they are rolling around on the floor and form the most advanced technical computers existing on the earth?…

Or what of his 'Medicine Theory'? He now claims that:

A gas leak in a pharmacy warehouse causes a terrific explosion. All the different chemicals and substances just smash into each other in exactly the correct amounts to produce a miracle drug which cures everything form cancer to heart and liver disease, old age and warts?…

Wait… there's more to this one:

It is all in one formula, packaged in the bottles with labels and ready to sell with no mess left on the floor?…

Now after all this exploding and excitement this 'scientist' tells you of a great place to relax and have something to eat. It is his favorite place and he calls it: "Burger Blast"! He says:

You just go in and sit down and suddenly a 'blast' from the kitchen occurs and immediately a burger lands right in front of you with all the trimmings.. just the way you like it complete with fries, a drink and even your favorite dessert?…


No one works at "Burger Blast", it just runs itself, automatically cleaning itself and as you leave it scans your billfold for a valid credit card and charges your bank account for what you have eaten?…

Now the question is: "Are you really going to accept any of this as 'fact'?"

Of course not!

We wouldn't believe a new car is made from flying junk; chairs don't fall down from exploding trees; earthquakes do not produce computers and blasting burgers don't rain down on us from above.

Question: So how come we don't challenge a theory of something coming from nothing and then colliding in the cosmos to make the universe? Is it because of its tremendous magnitude that we have so little comprehension about it, that we are willing to accept any theory from a few telescope 'peeping Toms' to tell us that it came from 'nothingness'? Or just some gases colliding and then… 'Poof'!? Instant Universe? How?

Let us now come to our main subject: