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The Prophet in Ramadan

 It was Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) who made us raise our eyes from the dust beneath to view the glory of the starry heavens above. It was Muhammad who led us from the depths of darkness to the grandeur of the light of God. 

The Prophet was the one who led us to break our stone statues and wooden gods. It was Muhammad who lifted us out of the filth of idolatry to relish the serenity of God's transcendence.

On the Night of Power in one Ramadan, the Qur'an descended on Muhammad, and he received its first verses in the Cave of Hira. (Ibn Abbas)



The Joy of Ramadan

 The joy that millions feel as Ramadan comes upon them once more is difficult to put into words. Those who are not Muslim cannot imagine what Ramadan is really like. It must seem like a severe diet that lasts for a month. How, they say, can people look forward to going without food and drink between dawn and sunset for a whole month? And yet, that is what Muslims have done. They have looked forward all year to this one special month in the calendar, knowing that their fast will be total. They have prepared themselves for the fast, and now Ramadan is upon them they enter into it with their whole mind and body.


About Us

Asalama Alaykum wr wb Welcome to ITAQULAAH site, we apprecaite that you took your time to understand who is behind this website and what is the main purpose of it’s existance. Lets start by explaining what the word “ITAQULAAH” means and where it came from. Simply put ITAQULAAH is arabic word which roughly translates to “Fear Allah” اتَّقُوا…