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Black Friday or Bright Friday? The Muslim Version


What is Black Friday? Everyone who lives in America has heard about the “Black Friday”, it sounds like scary day but its really a day where the big retail stores trick people into buying things they don’t really want because they make the price too low to resist. Everyone including Muslims fell for this trick…

Hello world!

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When You Feeling Down!


Many times in our lives, we might fall into the potholes of life and we might feel we can’t move on but the truth is that there are people who got it worse than you, people who are wishing to even have the little you got. Troubles and problems are just like storm, they come…

The truthful Person

Today’s world, It’s rare to find a truthful person but it’s also harder to find out who is telling the truth and who is masking a lie to make it appear the truth to the eyes of the average person. Let alone finding a truthful person, the truth itself has become a crime to even…

Mental Prison

Mental prison is when you create a scenario in your head which prevents you from accomplishing your goals. For example, you might want to finish the Qur’an but you convince yourself it’s impossible for you to memorize this whole book after several failed tries and you lock yourself in mental prison which only you can…

I am Back!

Asalama Alaykum Everyone. It’s being so long since I updated this blog but I’m back now I want to let you know guys that I will update this blog regularly, at least twice a week but don’t hold it against me if I get extra busy. You might ask, What can I expect from this…

The Masjid is not a marketplace!

It’s allowed for a Muslim to make permissible business without any interest or cheating, but lately, you will see people coming to the place of worship (Masjid) and negotiating with deals and having discussions about worldly issues. This is not allowed in Islam, the place of worship is only for, well, Worship.