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3 Mistakes We Make After Ramadan


Ramadan has always been an opportunity for us to atone our sins and come back to our lord in a month which has all the blessings your mind could imagine. Most of us try our best to avoid our negative actions, we try to change our surroundings and we try harder to be a better…

If Muhammad (pbuh) was here today! IMPORTANT VIDEO


Sometimes it’s good just to take it back to the basics. How did the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) preach Islam? There is no doubt that mercy and compassion were two of his greatest tools to spread Islam. In this conversation with Hamza Tzortzis we talk about the mercy Muhammad (pbuh) had for the people around him,…



A Japanese proverb says “Dust, when accumulated, becomes a mountain”, meaning When you do small actions over long period of time, They can have enormous impact in you. Da’wah is life long processes, as long as you are alive, You are doing Da’wah whether you want to do it or not. Micro Da’wah means the…