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Watch 360 Viewing Angle of The Hajj


1. You can walk between people who are making Tawaf! 2. See how people get Zamzam Water! 3. Watch People Make Sa’yi (The walk between Safa and Marwa) 4. See how the constructions are going from every angle! Watch The Video! Walk with Al Jazeera’s Basma Atassi in Mecca, as she takes you on a…

The oldest Quranic manuscripts found – Allahu Akbar


Fragments of the Quran held by the UK’s Birmingham University have been found to be among the oldest in the world. Following radiocarbon analysis by the University of Oxford, the manuscripts, written on parchments, have been dated to from between AD 568 and 645, with 95 percent accuracy. The results place the papers close to…

If Muhammad (pbuh) was here today! IMPORTANT VIDEO


Sometimes it’s good just to take it back to the basics. How did the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) preach Islam? There is no doubt that mercy and compassion were two of his greatest tools to spread Islam. In this conversation with Hamza Tzortzis we talk about the mercy Muhammad (pbuh) had for the people around him,…

Top 8 Lessons We can Learn from The Hijrah – Islamic New Year!


The beginning of a new Hijri year is a prime occasion to ponder the lessons to be learnt from the migration. The day of the Prophet’s migration was so significant that it was chosen to mark the first day in the Islamic calendar. This day took precedence over other great days in the history of…

This is how Makkah Will Look like in 2020! Amazing!


Within the city of Makkah stands the heart and soul of Islam, the Kaaba. This majestic cube structure is draped in an exclusive heavy black and gold cloth. The gigantic mosque surrounding it and the huge skyscrapers overlooking it now dwarfs this once massive ancient ‘house of God’. These are all symbols of modernity, globalization…