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Number of Rohingya Fleeing Myanmar Tops 100,000 – This is happening NOW!


A growing sense of desperation is fueling a mass exodus of Rohingya Muslims from western Myanmar, with the number who have fled by boat since communal violence broke out two years ago now topping 100,000, a leading expert said Saturday. Chris Lewa, director of the nonprofit advocacy group Arakan Project, said there has been a…

The Missing Piece is Peace – Amazing Spoken Word


People always ignore the situation of our brothers in Palestine, they are being eradicated at this moment by destroying their homes and their children being killed everyday. Here is amazing spoken word by Martin Powell

Pray as you saw Me Pray

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I would like to share with everyone this video, it is really good for people who want to learn about Salah or Prayer. We all know how to pray but is it totally correct what would you do in certein conditions such as when you are sick or in travel. This video shows very clearly how to pray, it also high-lights things which we think is OK to do, but are not, you will find it interesting, just CLICK HERE TO WATCH


Teach your Child about Allah!

  We have uploaded this video to our account in YouTube. We have more video which are exciting in there.   To Visit our Page Please Click Here


Aslamun alaykum this is a video of Sheik bilal. giving a beautiful talk about the outcomes of the trick of shaytan(may Allah's curse be upon him)    

A Meeting With Allah…

Asalaam u Alaikum wrwb! Alhamdulilah this is a beautiful and inspiring video, narrating the occasion of a momentous day when the residents of Jannah shall have a meeting with Allah SWT! It is based on an authentic narration by Ibn Qayyim (RA). Please pray for all those who have helped in making this simple, yet…